“First my car got washed away, then it got buried in hail,” reports one resident after Thursday night’s hailstorm in Littleton, Colorado. Following this unexpected blast of wintery weather, rain and hail pounded parts of Littleton, flooding the area with nearly 4 feet of water in some places, and leaving behind nearly 6 inches of hail on one street.

Bad news for residents. But for ASAP ROOFING, the national roofing company that’s based in Aurora, Colorado, this sort of hailstorm is nothing new. “We specialize in hail storms like this,” reports company co-owner, Igor Kublitskiy

Damage to newer architectural roof is consistent with 1.5 inch hail.

Damage to newer architectural roof is consistent with 1.5 inch hail.

According to Kublitskiy, one of the first things ASAP ROOFING will do is assess for any crisis situations. “Often times we have customers who have roof leaks and severe damage after a storm like this,” Kublitskiy continues.

Unlike the fast fix roofing situations seen in mass natural disasters — residents in New Orleans remember the blue tarp roofing all too well — ASAP can respond to a customer’s leaking roof with a new roof, and fast too.

“We can usually respond to any customer needs within 24 hours — we have to, when we have customers who need a place to sleep,” comments Kublitskiy. This is also the reason that ASAP ROOFING follows Colorado storms, using software such as Stormtracker, a web based tracking system that allows viewers to anticipate a storm, and prepare for it.

Inspecting a fence for collateral damage.

Inspecting a fence for collateral damage.

“If there is one thing we could get our customers to do, that would be to prepare for the storms by inspecting their roofs regularly,” says Kublitskiy. Regular inspections and maintenance, according to the ASAP Co-owner will uncover any areas that are likely to leak, and areas of the roof in need of repair.

While residents of Littleton can be forgiven for not expecting the freak storm — as nobody did — regular roof inspections might have prevented the now overwhelming number of damaged roofs.

Holes in an egress window cover.

Holes in egress window cover.

But either which way, ASAP ROOFING is positioned to help — roofing emergencies is what they do best — and offers customers not just a very fast roofing restoration, but leads the Colorado market in customer service, and sustainable roofing as well.

For more information on ASAP ROOFING, or the most recent Colorado hail storms, just visit http://asaproof.net/

Written by Nick Dorotik


Nick Dorotik is the Vice President of ASAP Roofing, and manages the sales and marketing. You can find him on Google+ and twitter.